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California auto insurance quotes and information are at your fingertips when you shop for California car insurance with us.  Car Insurance For CA is a website privately owned and operated by the A+ Rated SkyBlue Insurance Agency®. We deliver free California auto quotes from multiple providers and get you covered the same day!

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The general market perception about Auto Insurance in California is that such insurance is among the most expensive in the country, barring a few exceptions. The truth is that if you do careful comparison shopping and look for the most competitive quotes from various Car Insurance providers, you will be able to buy a strong auto insurance policy that is still completely affordable.  

Requirements for Auto Insurance California 

California laws stipulate that a vehicle owner must purchase a certain minimum amount of wht is called compulsory or liability auto insurance before being allowed to license the vehicle in California. The vehicle can be officially registered in the state only after the vehicle owner submits a proof of purchase of at least an auto liability insurance policy. California law requires a vehicle owner to obtain two separate sets of coverage, which include bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage. 

The coverage for bodily injury liability must be minimum $15,000/$30,000. This means that if you cause bodily injury to another person while operating a motor-vehicle, your auto insurance policy will cover the damages of the other party to the extent of $15,000 in each accident, but up to a maximum of $30,000 in a year. The property damage liability under the Car Insurance California laws must be maintained at a minimum of $5,000, which will be used to cover any property damages you may cause to another's party's vehicle or personal effects in a vehicle accident.


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We are so confident in our ability to save California drivers money on their auto insurance, that we will even admit to you right over the phone if we can't get you a better auto insurance deal than you already have. You can check out car insurance offers for free from reputable auto insurance providers, and narrow it down to only the companies that best suit your auto insurance needs. The cheapest or the most expensive insurance may not necessarily be the best insurance policy for your needs. What you need is the most appropriate insurance coverage that ensures the right balance between affordability and risk protection. 

The other major advantage of choosing your California auto insurance  through is that you can be assured of dealing with only the highly reliable and reputable insurance providers in the state. Genuine companies will offer your legitimate discounts depending upon your driving history, previous history of claims, and your age and marital status. When you attain an impressive premium rate, you may be able to enhance your risk coverage by insuring for a higher amount than the minimum limits set under the law.

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